30 Weeks

Mina weighs 1lbs 14oz. Although she was scheduled for a CTE she had an unplanned extubation which resulted in her receiving chest compressions. They were able to get her reintubated but she became very unstable after this event and needed time to recover before she was transported within the hospital to receive this scanning. While taking time to recover, it was also detected that she had contracted a bacterial infection. Due to the early findings of the infection, she was able to be treated with antibiotics without any further interventions. This infection would yet again delay her CTE scan. Mina was finally ready for her CTE scan where they wanted to evaluate blood flow direction within her anatomy and receive imaging that would help them in the treatment that they were providing. It was determined that her Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a heart defect that affects the way blood flows through a baby’s lungs, was not supplying blood into her underdeveloped left lung. This was great news, it means we could start the process of closing this PDA with Tylenol, in hopes that this would help decrease her need for respiratory support.