31 Weeks

Our twins are officially 1 month old!
Mina weighs 1020 grams which is 2lbs 4oz. Mina received her eye exam and it seems to appear that she has Anophthalmia or Microphthalmia of the left eye. This means that her left globe is absent or very small. They wanted her to continue her growth trend in order to schedule an MRI to make a final determination of her eye anomaly. The optometrist also informed us that Mina does have glaucoma in her right eye, but unlike adults, glaucoma in babies can be reversible. They started her on eye drops in order to hopefully save the vision in her right eye, regardless of her left eye diagnosis she would have impaired vision in that eye. Mina will need an early intervention with a prosthetic eye in order to keep her face and bone structure developing. They attempted to lower her ventilation settings but she did not respond well so, they placed her back to where she was and she remained stable.

Masi weighs 1360 grams which is 3lbs. He received his first bath and was able to manage it without any oxygen supply. This was an indicator to the medical team that he is ready to be switched from CPAP to High Flow Oxygen which is a step in the weaning process.