34 Weeks

Last Mina Jo Sainz Update

Mina is 1 month and 3 weeks old weighing 3lbs 9oz. Her oxygen support has moved up to 90% without the ability to lower it. Mina required a blood transfusion and was placed on a fentanyl drip due to her becoming more agitated with the oscillator. We wanted to attempt every life saving measure so the doctors provided their final intervention attempt with administering a steroid drug in order to help her lungs. After more than 24 hours on the drug she was not responding to it. Mommies and her medical team have now exhausted all options.

We always told Mina that we would be in this fight as long as she was and that we would listen to her when she told mommies that she was tired. Her quality of life came first, not ours. Our baby girl, our littlest love, was now telling us that she is tired and that she is ready for her next journey. We, as her parents, were ready to give her the world no matter what her condition looked like. We were ready to give her a lifetime of happiness! To know her, was to love her. From her feisty attitude to her precious smile, her little personality shined bright through those hospital hallways. Everyone was coming to see the Magic of Mina Jo Sainz.

Wherever you are, our love will find you…