First NICU Nurse Scholarship Recipient

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March 8, 2022
Saint Joseph Hospital Denver Denver, CO United States

First NICU Nurse Scholarship Recipient

Child sponsorship is a unique relationship, that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. Individually, they raised their £400 via the event fundraising pages which George praises as an excellent aspect of the Yomp. The team then went on to approach clients, family, and friends. As they were a corporate team they were also lucky enough to have the firm’s social media as a platform to promote their efforts. Through sharing their training, team news, fun facts, and fundraising page, they were able to gain a strong online interest on Facebook and Twitter, which helped raise their total.

It’s an event that will stay with us all for a very long time. The whole thing was incredibly special from the scenery and location to the wonderful event staff and brilliant organization. At the heart of it though is the challenge and each and every one of us had to dig deep to complete it, but that is what makes it so rewarding!

This report sets out a high-level view of progress since the strategy’s launch. Alongside ongoing dialogue with the UK and international research community, we’ve sought input and challenge on our progress from supporters, patients, and those affected by cancer.

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